The El Paso Police Department has just announced that Officer Jonathan Molina has died from his injuries incurred from a beating late last month.

El Paso Police

The 29-year-old, a four-year member of EPPD died today at University Medical Center today. On September 25, Officer Molina confronted 17-year old Juan Antonio Gonzalez and two other young men after he saw them vandalizing his car. After identifying himself as an officer, he tried to stop them to question the men.

Gonzalez attacked Officer Molina and slammed his head onto concrete, knocking him unconscious.  Gonzalez continued to kick and strike the officer in the face and head. Witnesses came to Officer Molina’s rescue as the three men fled the scene.

Gonzalez has been arrested and remains in jail on a bond of $5,000,000.00. Alan Medrano, 19, was also arrested.

So if it were up to you, which punishment would be acceptable if Gonzalez is found guilty?