There was some serious drama at an EP Fitness in Far East El Paso between a disruptive gym patron and some of El Paso’s Finest.

The rukus happened at the EP Fitness on Montwood and Joe Battle at around noon Monday (2/19/18). According to Omar Natera, who recorded the ensuing altercation between the unnamed patron and El Paso P.D.:

Guy comes to the gym looking like he’s on drugs or excess pre-workout, management calls cops, guy didn’t want to speak to cops, resisted arrest, got beat up, tased, and arrested.

From what I’ve been able to piece together from Facebook comments, the guy was admonished by management for allegedly harassing fellow gym rats. One encounter reportedly turned physical which resulted in police being called.

Jessa Munoz: He actually hit someone which is why gym employees called cops!

The guy purportedly became uncooperative and resisted arrest. While some felt the take down and the skirmish that followed was excessive, others defended the men (and woman) in blue saying all the guy had to do was follow orders.

Phil Candelaria: This dude assaulted my friend outside before he was asked to talk to the cops and tried to refuse. You see a couple of seconds and want to yell police brutality. Come on people

Art Najar: Hahaha. What an idiot. Cops give you an order & you don't comply? Ya think ya gonna Win? Hahahaha. What kind of Stupid are ya?

Annie Lou Cabral: The reason all the cops were railing on the dude is because he was biting the female officers thigh and wouldn't let go. He's being charged with several offenses.

I reached out to El Paso P.D. for comment on how the matter was handled and to find out what, if any, charges are pending, but did not receive an immediate reply. Below is the video Natera posted on his page.

Posted by Omar Natera on Tuesday, February 20, 2018


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