Motorcyclists terrify my wife. The way some of them swerve in and out of traffic or drive between cars at a high rate of speed scares the living daylights out of her (Yes, that has happened to her).

Of course, most motorcyclists are law abiding citizens and no where near as careless on the road as the handful that have permanently scarred my wife.

But a rash of motorcycle involved collisions has led the El Paso Police Department to be proactive. Every month, the police department focuses on a specific traffic law that they then make a concerted effort to enforce.

Because of the high number of recent motorcycle rider fatalities, the El Paso Police Department Special Traffic Investigations unit has made motorcycle speeding its focus for August. For the rest of this month, EPPD will be keeping an eye out for motorcyclists driving erratically and/or above the speed limit. Their hope is to prevent motorcycle speeding accidents.

According to the department, between June 16 and July 25 of this year investigators have responded to 7 fatal motorcycle involved collisions.

The last two motorcycle-related fatalities involved a 32 year-old who crashed into the back of a parked dump truck in West El Paso, and a 24 year-old who lost control of his motorcycle when he abruptly exited McCrae onto Gateway West.

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