The El Paso Police Department is investigating a violent fight that went down in the parking lot of an East El Paso bar and asking those who were assaulted to come forward and press charges.

The slugfest caught the attention of law enforcement after video of the melee was posted online and quickly went viral. According to a department press release, the beat downs in question occurred on the night of June 4 at the El Agave Azul Bar at 1441 N. Zaragosa.

The clip shows a man kicking another man in the face and knocking him out before going after a woman and slapping her on the head and pushing her against a car.

Three men have already been arrested on assault charges, but Investigators with the Gang unit are continuing to build their case and believe there are more victims who have not reported the crime.

If you were physically attacked that night and have not yet come forward, you are asked to call the El Paso Police Department at 915-212-GANG.

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