Parents in El Paso take to social media reacting to their kid's first day of online school.

First of all, I’d like to begin by sending a shout out to all the educators, parents, and children worldwide navigating uncharted waters and finding creative manageable ways to adjust to the new school year.

Differing comments of parents dealing with the first day of online-learning illustrates perfectly how we all are adapting to the “new normal” during a global pandemic.

Parents have been on the fence about sending their children back into the classroom because of concerns that it’s just plain not safe to do so with the uptick of cases in many cities including El Paso, TX.

The concerns of going back to school are real and highly distressing as news stories report kids and school staff having to quarantine after COVID-19 cases emerged after returning to the classroom.

The safest alternative right now is simple, have kids continue with their school year online. It’s not ideal but once you master the technical logistics, it works.

Yet, there are many caveats to online-learning requiring a balancing act from parents. It's not a one-size-fits-all solution when you take into consideration the age of the student, online access, childcare, and work. All of this compounded by a pandemic can be extremely stressful for just about anyone, let alone a parent.

We know the struggle is real for many families and we hope that the transition gets easier for all.

Parents chimed in on social media sharing how their first day of online schooling went:



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