The El Paso Opera will be presenting Puccini’s masterwork Tosca, starring the great New York City opera star Lauren Flanigan. 

The New York opera singer will be making her international debut as Tosca in a new production of this startling masterpiece.

Puccini wrote his classic gut-wrenching tale of drama, passion and tragedy in 1899.

Tickets for this spectacular production are on sale now at all ticketmaster locations online at or by calling by 1800-745-3000

General Information

  • The opera is performed in the original language in which it was composed. El Paso Opera displays the translations via supertitles in English and Spanish during the performance.
  • Cameras and recording devices are prohibited.
  • Mobile phones or any other electronic devices are to be turned off or put on silent mode before the performance.
  • Only children 7 and over allowed into the Theatre for this performance. Patrons will not be allowed into the seating area once the performance begins until intermission.

Opera Etiquette

  • Latecomers will only be allowed in after intermission.
  • When do I clap? - Whenever the music inspires you. You may yell Bravo! for the men, and Brava! for the women at the end of their arias, if you think that they did well.
  • No dress requirements or dress codes are required when attending the opera. Typically, El Paso Opera patrons will be dressed in cocktail attire, others in business attire and others formally dressed. However, no matter what your attire may be, you are always welcome to El Paso Opera.

Enhance your Experience

  • Read the libretto – El Paso suggests reading the librettos so that you can enjoy the singing and the acting on stage free from the distraction of trying to figure out the plot line. Reading the libretto will help you see what the show is about. has many librettos for sale, and you may even find a copy at your local library.
  • Listen to a recording – Unless you are a frequent opera patron, you may not know whether a performance was “good” or “bad”. Listening to a great recording of the opera prior will help you train your opera palate. El Paso Opera strives to produce high quality shows and strive for the level of top recordings. It will also give you a feel for the musical style of the show.
  • Research the history – What was the impetus that made this composer write this opera? What was going on historically around him? Even just a little insight into the historical facts of the time period an opera was written or even the time period in which it was set can make the experience that much more enriching.

Contact El Paso Opera at (915) 581-5534 or by email at for more suggestions.

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