If I learned anything from listening to '80s music it's that girls just want to have fun.

But apparently they're going to have to go elsewhere to find it because according to a study that ranked 2016's Most Fun Cities in America there are 117 cities more fun than El Paso.

The study, conducted by the list-happy personal finance website Wallethub, ranked the 150 largest cities in America according to how "fun" they are.

To determine rankings, they looked at factors such as the number of bars, restaurants and sporting venues, how nice the weather is, how much it costs to do stuff, and a few others.

Although El Paso scored near the top in the "Cost" category (12), it scored low when it came to "Entertainment & Recreation" (127) and "Nightlife & Parties" (140) leading to it's very-little-fun ranking of #118.

Hey, it could be worse. We could be Oxnard, California, which came in dead last. Like in Vegas, what happens in Oxnard stays in Oxnard. Except that nothing ever happens in Oxnard.

Now if you really, really want to have fun go to the aforementioned Las Vegas. Despite being the most expensive city to have fun in, Vegas ranked first in nightlife and third in entertainment making it the most fun city in America. Hence what happens in Vegas immediately gets posted to your Facebook wall.