Give this guy a Cardi B Meet & Greet! If Cardi B ever comes back, since she postponed her El Paso concert, we need to get her to do an interview with Keenan Willard of KFOX. This man saw the opportunity to come up with so many Cardi B puns, and freakin' make viral gold! As you can see in the video below, Keenan made some tv magic.

After this video went viral throughout the day, Keenan was already preparing to do an interview with E! News. He teased that he was going to be interviewed on national media to his followers.

Once his segment was shown on E! News, he posted the segment on his Facebook page to show the world just have creative he can be with his news stories. Not only are El Pasoans proud to have Keenan reporting our local news, but now the national media will always keep on eye on any other good puns he has ready for the world.

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