If you've spent any amount of time along the border you've no doubt seen a "low-low" or two cruising the streets or parks of “Chuco Town” in their preferred leisurely manner.

Take a Sunday drive around Lincoln Park, the grassy area under the Spaghetti Bowl, and it’s a sure bet you’ll lay eyes on a few classic rides lowered to the ground. That’s the lifestyle the El Paso Museum of History is showcasing in the exhibit “Low & Slow: Lowrider Culture on the Border.”

From a Zoot Suit to lowrider bikes to images of the revamped, lovingly restored ranflas that have been tricked out so sweet they draw more ooohs and aaaahs than a Fourth of July fireworks show the exhibit has been drawing favorable crowds since it debuted this spring.

But Low and Slow is about to go.

El Paso Museum of History

Exhibit Finale Celebration

The collection of lowrider memorabilia and lowrider cars is officially closing Sunday, July 25.

El Paso Museum of History is throwing a farewell celebration that day just down the street at Cleveland Square Park, 510 N. Santa Fe St. It's a free family-friendly meet up that includes music and food trucks. Of course, no celebration celebrating the lowrider lifestyle would be complete without pachucos and lowriders so they'll be part of the fiesta too. Orale!

El Paso Museum of History
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What to Know Before You Go

El Paso Museum of History is located at 510 N Santa Fe St.
“Low & Slow: Lowrider Culture on the Border” will be on display through July 25
Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday – Saturday.
Admission is always free (Suggested donation $3)

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