El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser is often seen at outdoor events wearing a hat. That is because the 58-year-old Leeser was diagnosed last year with stage 2 malignant melanoma, a skin cancer, which, if not treated in its early stages can quickly spread and be fatal.

Yesterday, Leeser announced that he will be taking a four-week leave of absence from City Hall to address some health issues. He did not go into specifics about the issues he is facing.

Leeser had surgery in November at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and at the time, was told by his doctor’s to take some time off. The mayor did not miss any City Council meetings for the treatment.

This time around, City Rep. Dr. Michael Noe will act as mayor pro tem, but will vote as a representative and have no veto power. Noe said he and the mayor have been discussing his potential leave of absence, so he has had time to prepare.

We wish the mayor a speedy and full recovery.

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