Taylor Swift is owning the internet with her release of "All Too Well," the ten-minute Taylor Version.

Rumor has it this song is about her time dating Jake Gyllenhaal and all the drama that surrounded their three-month romance.

It must have been an intense three months because this song is brutal about their love affair. Just when you thought Taylor was ready to just redo songs and let them go, she has reinvented one that really strikes a chord with fans.

The drama surrounding the song has expanded past her fans and is bleeding into everyday pop culture references. Local nonprofit news organization El Paso Matters has been hard at work not only reporting on intense El Paso issues, but they are on TikTok.

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Their TikToks are incredibly informative, funny, and trendy. So it is no surprise the El Paso Matters Team created a TikTok that blended the lastest Taylor Swift drama with the newest Beto O'Rourke news.


We want to know where the scarf is Jake. ##beto##elpaso##tx

♬ All Too Well (Taylor's Version) - Taylor Swift

For those who may not know, former Texas congressman Beto O'Rourke has announced that he will be running for Texas Governor. It was only a matter of time before this announcement was made, just like it was a matter of time for Taylor to call out Gyllenhaal again.


In an exclusive interview with @elpasomatters Beto O’ Rourke announced he is running for governer in Texas. ##elpaso ##texas

♬ original sound - News from the borderland

Not sure if this is a good time to point out the support O'Rourke receives from the most hated guy on the internet right now, but it is a great joke. Especially the caption for their TikTok asking the same question many Swifties are asking, "where is the scarf, Jake?"

Since El Paso Matters has been acknowledged as a great investigative journalism website, you know they will eventually find the scarf.

So far their TikTok is making its way into many Texans' algorithms and might cause some influence on Beto's cool guy rep. We are just going to have to see if more TikToks will emerge and if Gyllenhaal will support Beto for Governor.

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