El Paso was recently recognized both for best travel and tourism destinations in 2015.

According to the Tourism Quality Performance Report, published by Resonance Consultancy, social media channels from influential websites such as Trip Advisor and Yelp helped identify how many quality products and/or unique experiences cities offer, as rated by locals and visitors alike.

Tourism Quality Performance Report measures tourism’s supply-side performance and competitiveness in 121 cities across the United States based on six core categories:

  • Culture
  • Entertainment
  • Sightseeing
  • Sports / Adventure
  • Culinary
  • Lodging.

Ranking in at number 11 on the overall National Tourism Quality Performance Rankings, El Paso came in behind major tourism destinations such as Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles; New York City; Anaheim; Chicago; and four cities in Hawaii.

When compared to other cities with 4 million or fewer visitors per year, El Paso was ranked fourth on the list of Small Destination Tourism Quality Performance Rankings, behind Kauai Island, Maui Island, and Hawaii (Big Island).

Way to go El Paso!

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