El Paso doesn't get hurricanes but we do, "kinda sorta", go through a couple of the motions.

With the exception of states along or within a certain distance of either the Atlantic coast or the Gulf of Mexico; most of the USA has been marked "safe" from hurricanes.

The ones that can't claim that status, especially "Hurricane Central", Florida, dread the very word.

El Paso is absolutely hurricane-proof but we do have at least two things, (that I'm aware of), that folks in hurricane prone areas are familiar with.

  • Since the bridges into Mexico are considered "ports", they get the same bulletins and expectations as sea ports. Which does and doesn't make sense making this a true, government, operation..
  • The other thing "hurrican-ers" understand is the wind. We get that too. Spring here brings crazy wind which, (often), hits hurricane force. Remember this one?

That's about it though.

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Our monsoon season brings most of what little rain we get, often all at once, but still doesn't reach hurricane proportions.

We got close in 2006 though, because of a storm, (sparked by a hurricane), that caused a lot of damage and forced us to move the KLAQ bbq at the VERY last minute..

If we did get hurricanes, even just every 20 years or so, they would need names. (They name these things really far in advance anyway.) What would be a good one to best rep the 915?

We've had plenty of local characters whose names would be cool to use. Some because they are/were, basically, big blowhards. (Get it??) I'll avoid those. For now ...

To start things up, I would totally vote for these:

  • Hurricane Chico. The Chihuahua's rep is pretty much El Paso's favorite mascot and he's also very cool. He totally deserves a bone.
  • Hurricane Pete. The UTEP mascot has been around much longer but you know what they say about working with animals and kids. You never stand a chance.

I'm a huge football fan ... not really a baseball guy at all really but, sorry Pete, edge Chico on this one.

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