Just keep watching this video as you work.




Seriously, I am obsessed with how majestic this creature is.

Hummingbird moths have really long tongues to drink nectar from flowers, fantastic wings covered in scales, and look pretty darn cute.

Many El Pasoans have spotted them around their backyards and gladly accepted them into their lives. Unlike Miller Moths.

Even if you hate moths, which I kinda do, you won't hate THESE moths.

According to the comments in this video highlighting this fabulous creature by EPTX Local, sometimes these moths like to hit people in the face.

Don't worry, they don't really attack people. It is probably just a coincidence. Don't flatter yourself.

You also shouldn't attack these creatures, we need them to keep the flowers alive!

They love to feed in the daytime, according to farmersalmanac.com. Which is perfect for those of you who may want to go chase one down and record it for yourself.

If you do, please feel free to send your video to me using the 93.1 KISSFM app. Seriously, this is my new favorite animal.

I still will be obsessed with cats and all, but if I could get a hummingbird moth to be my new pet, I would.

I would take it to PetSmart and spoil it so much! Sadly, this can not happen, so I must admire the winged creature from afar.

El Pasoans, continue to plant flowers so we may have more hummingbird moths visit us.

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