If you love to have fun by shooting paint at friends or family get ready for something different. There are more than a few paintball spots you can enjoy in El Paso. You're familiar with Desert Warrior Paintball, X-treme Paintball, American Eagle Paintball, and more.

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But there is a new paintball zone that is a bit different and looks like a ton of fun. PaintWarz is where to enjoy the new way of playing some paintball in the borderland.

PaintWarz paintball zone is located at 1121 Robin Road in Socorro. So if you would like a new spot that offers paintball all-year-round PaintWarz has neon indoor paintball.

Normally, we're used to outdoor paintball parks in El Paso but now you can enjoy a neon paintball experience indoors. But PaintWarz is currently working on an outdoor arena since the website shows one is coming soon.

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In January you may have heard about it on Daytime with Kimberly & Esteban on KFOX one morning. If you missed it, you can refer to the Instagram video of the paintball zone in Socorro below.

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But as you can see it is a bit different from outdoor paintball which we can agree neon is definitely better. So we all know usually in July and August is when El Paso is hit by the rain pretty often.

So on a day whenever it is raining you always have somewhere to go for paintball in El Paso. We sure are lucky to have another place to have some fun all-year-round regardless of the weather.

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