El Paso football fans suck as bad as the football program they're not supporting. That according to data extrapolated by WalletHub for the 2021 Best & Worst Cities for Football Fans rankings.

The personal finance website looked at the 245 largest cities and towns in America with at least one Division I college or professional football team and ranked them based on 21 metrics ranging from game attendance to fan engagement to number of wins over the last 3 seasons. When all the numbers were crunched, analyzed, and compiled fan scores were as pitiful as the Miners' win/loss record.

El Pasoans, the study determined, are among the worst fans in the country when it comes to supporting the local college football team, and the University of Texas El Paso Miners is the worst college football team in the nation.

For the 4th year in a row, the UTEP program was given the dubious distinction of being among the five "Worst Performing College Football (FBS & FCS) Teams," coming in dead last this year. EP football fans didn't do much better placing in the bottom five in the “Least Engaged College Football Fans” category (#232 out of 236).

Along with the 21 metrics referenced above, the analysis also took into account the impact COVID-19 had on the number of games teams were able to actually play and the number of fans allowed in the stands due to local health mandates.

UTEP, for example only played 8 of its scheduled 15 games, and home games were played with limited spectators. Some may argue that was no different than games played pre-COVID, but that's a discussion for another time.

When ranked by population, El Paso placed 45 out of the 46 largest cities with a population over 300,000. Overall, El Paso was no. 233 on the Best & Worst Cities for Football Fans rankings, up from number 236 nationwide in 2020.

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