If you're looking for a job check out Kelly Center for Hunger Relief’s Fresh Start Program when it hosts its first-ever Drive-Thru Job fair this Monday, July 6, 2020.

The ongoing novel coronavirus has caused an upsurge of families struggling with food insecurity but thanks to centers such as the Kelly Center for Hunger Relief’s Fresh Start Program, hundreds of families are able to put food on the table. Since the pandemic caused the loss of employment for many as well, this upcoming job fair will help job hunters who are seeking immediate employment.

Coming up on Monday, July 6th - the Kelly Center’s Fresh Start Program will host its first-ever Drive-Thru Job Fair beginning at 9 a.m. in the parking lot located at 915 N. Florence St.

Due to the current health crisis, this job fair will be held drive-thru style. All job applicants must remain in their car and facemasks are required as they pull up to the job interview. Applicants are asked to bring copies of their resume and a photo ID and potential employers will be on hand to take resumes and applications.

Employers are also welcome to participate in the Drive-Thru Job Fair, for questions contact Brenda Estrada at 915-261-7499.

Fresh Start Drive-Thru Job Fair Details:

  • Monday, July 6, 2020, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Apply at the Kelly Center for Hunger Relief located at 915 N. Florence St. (Back parking lot)
  • For more information contact Brenda Estrada at 915- 261-7499


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