The Sun City is SUPER excited to welcome Marco Antonio Solis TONIGHT!  The iconic Mexican singer is celebrating 40 years in the music industry.  With 18 studio albums, over 40 million albums sold and over 300 songs to his name, "El Buki" still continues to be considered (and most of El Paso/Juarez would AGREE) one of the MOST influential artists in Latin music.

Also, joining the stage with Marco Antonio Solis is the critical - acclaimed Mexican-American duo, and Grammy Award Winners, Jesse & Joy!  From their HUGE global Spanish language single, "Dueles."  Big hits will be "Ecos de Amor" and "No soy una de esas" featuring Alejandro Sanz.

The Don Haskins Center holding the party Saturday, September 23 at 8 p.m.! Ticketmaster has your tickets or at the UTEP box office.

Shall we enjoy this before the show tonight, oh thanks to MARCOASOLIS for this,

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