Back in February of this year, we told you about El Paso Electric petitioning to raise your rates. They were asking for an increase of about 10 dollars in the summer and 8 dollars in the winter. EPE also wanted to create a separate class for 1,800 solar customers and then increase their monthly bill by 14 dollars per month.

Well, your rates are going to go up, but not by as much as EPE wants them to. But don't celebrate yet. Virtually every time El Paso Electric has asked for a large rate increase, they usually get about half of what they want and then go after the other half later in the year.

For right now, your bill will go up on average about $3.50 in the winter and $5.00 in the summer beginning in January. If you have existing solar rooftop panels, you won't see any changes in your bill, but if you are a new solar customer, you will pay a minimum monthly bill of $30.00.

If you read your bill, you'll also star seeing two separate charges. One of those charges is to repay legal fees. Yes, kids, you are going to pay for a rate increase and for the El Paso Electric lawyers who helped fight for that increase.

Happy New Year!

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