Paying to get into Ascarate Park is going to cost you more -- even when you don't come in a car.

El Paso County recently approved charging $1 to walk into the park for any gathering anticipated to draw over 750 people. If more than 3,000 people are expected at the event -- like, for example, the Sun City Music Festival -- the walk-in fee increases to $5 per person. Concurrently, the fee to park during special events will also increase.

Per the El Paso County Parks website,

Ascarate Park will increase parking fees during special events, and begin charging to walk in the park when higher attendance is anticipated. The standard weekend parking fee is $2.00, and will increase to $5.00 during special events with an estimated attendance of 751-3,000. These events will also require a $1.00 walk-in fee. Parking will be $10.00 for events with an estimated attendance of 3,001 or more, with a $5.00 walk-in fee. These fees apply to all persons entering the park, regardless of intended park use."

The walk-in fee was added "to provide additional resources for the security of patrons that are dropped off at events," while the decision to up the parking fee was made "to support the services [the County] provides," according to Alexandra South, Marketing Specialist with El Paso County Parks & Special Events.

Additionally, a change in price for general admission swimming at Ascarate Pool has also gone into effect. That fee will now be $3.

For the full fee schedule, including those for the Sportspark and Ascarate Golf Course, click HERE.

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