The arrival of El Paso's monsoon means an increase in thunderstorm activity, and although we don't get much rain here in the desert, often times when we do get it, we get a lot of it at once.

And that can often times lead to flooding.

Sandbags are one way to divert water away from your home or property. If you live in an unincorporated area of the county that is prone to flooding, El Paso County Public Works is now offering free sandbags through the end of the rainy season.

According to the county press release, the sandbags are located on pallets outside of all three Road & Bridge warehouses listed below and are available 24 hours a day. There is bag limit of 15 per household.

• Road & Bridge Fabens Warehouse, 1331 N. Fabens St., Fabens, TX [Map]
• Road & Bridge Canutillo Warehouse, 191 Canutillo Ave., Canutillo, TX [Map]
• Road & Bridge Montana Warehouse, 14698 Van Lane, El Paso, TX [Map]

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