All the fun stuff is happening on weekends this year. The Fourth of July is on a Saturday, Halloween is on a Saturday, I mean, what is up with 2020 and messing all our fun up? If you were planning on hanging out this weekend somewhere in the County to pop fireworks and enjoy the great outdoors, figure something else out. First of all, you can't buy, sell, or use fireworks in the County this Fourth of July. Second, you can't hang out in the County this weekend, either.

The County Judge issued some new orders earlier this week, including this about gatherings in the County:

"As a result of the history of hundreds and thousands of people gathering in the unincorporated areas of El Paso County for Fourth of July celebrations, all public outdoor gatherings in the unincorporated areas in El Paso County are prohibited for the duration of this Order. For purposes of this Order, a gathering shall be defined as any planned or spontaneous public outdoor gathering with a small number participating or a large number of people in attendance in the unincorporated areas in El Paso County for the duration of this Order."

Basically it means no gatherings of any size in the County. If you plan on running the risk of going out into the County to hang out or pop fireworks you should know that it is a Class C Misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500. The County Judge has said that there will be stepped up patrols of the County so it's probably best to just stay home and watch some patriotic movies like Top Gun and Independence Day.

Happy Fourth of July!

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