You know how much I love El Paso history, and eventually the coronavirus pandemic will pass into history like any other event. Our memories of what is was like will fade or be influenced by news media accounts, so before that happens, the El Paso County Historical Society would like to get your feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic so they can preserve them for future generations.

The EPCHS pandemic project is looking for hand-written or typed recollections of what you are going through right now. You can submit them by mail or email, or record a video with your cell phone, teleconferencing platforms, or social media. If you want to mail in your pandemic story, you can mail it to:

El Paso County Historical Society
603 W. Yandell
El Paso, Texas 79902

You can email your story to EPCHS@ELPASOHISTORY.COM. You can also email any questions you have about your submission.

If you don't know what to write about or think you don't have an interesting story, you can use these ideas for your submission:

1. School - Were you going to school? How about your child's experience with the sudden shut down of their school? How did online learning go?
2. Daily life - How did you deal with working at home? What was your first thought when the 'Stay at Home' order was first announced? What was the biggest change to your daily life?
3. Relationships - How did not being able to see family and friends affect you? Did you learn how to use technology to stay in touch? Did you have to teach your parents how to use it?
4. Home Life - Did you learn how to cook or get back to cooking now that you had time? What home projects did you try to tackle? What life lessons did you teach your kids about that you might not otherwise have had a chance to?
5. Government Response - Do you think the response was appropriate, inadequate, overkill, too slow? What do you think should be done differently? How does this compare to other national situations you've lived through, such as World War II, 9/11, or previous pandemics (like H1N1)?
6. Citizen Response - Do you think your fellow citizens responded appropriately? How do you wish it had been different?
7. Shortages & Rationing - Have you followed or not followed the 'Stay at Home' order? Why or why not? How are you dealing with shortages in health care, groceries, and household supplies? What is the deal with the toilet paper shortage and what do you think about people who panic buy?

We are all going through an unprecedented time. Now is the time to put those thoughts and ideas down on paper or in an email so that future generations can see how we dealt with the situation.

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