How do you think the coronavirus vaccine rollout is going here in El Paso? Really good, right? I mean, you call or log on and get an appointment, next thing you know, you're rolling up your sleeve and getting vaccinated. So easy. Or not. At least according to everyone who has tried to get a vaccine, and now, the El Paso County Democratic Party is saying, enough is enough.

The EPCDP released an open letter to El Paso City Council, County Commissioners Court, and the University Medical Center Board. The Democrats say it's time for our local health leaders to start working together to make the vaccine rollout easier to navigate and more effective for El Pasoans. I have to say, it's about time someone said it.

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In the letter, the EPCDP outlined the shortcomings of the vaccine rollout including websites that crash, appointment confusion, and very little advance notice when appointments open up. All of these have been widely reported but other than City and County leaders saying they are working on the laundry list of problems with the vaccination process, nothing changes.

The EPCDP suggests in its letter that the City and County stop working independently of each other and instead, work together. I have to say, this is a great idea. Maybe with the City and County working together, the state will see that we are serious about our vaccination program and we can get more people vaccinated with less stress on everyone.

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In this scary time we really do need to pull together. I hope that City and County officials try to work together for the benefit of us all. I really commend the EPCDP for outlining what could be a way to make vaccinations easier to get.

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