Fans of the local boutique On Next Sunday have a few weeks to do in-person shopping at the boutique's storefront in The Fountains at Farah because the women’s boutique will soon be closing its doors to focus more on online shopping and local pop-up events.

In a post on their Instagram page, the women’s clothing boutique posted an image with the words “We’re Moving” which caused many women across the borderland to wonder, WHY?!?! …… Me. I’m the “many women” who shouted that when I saw it on my Instagram feed.

Don’t worry though, the boutique isn’t closing their shop completely, they’re just moving to a new location but there will be plenty of changes with this new move.

In a live Instagram video, On Next Sunday owner Erika Lee explained that her woman’s boutique would be moving to a warehouse space on Piedras in central El Paso right near Salt & Honey.

The new space won’t be a store where customers can walk in and shop for clothes, it will instead serve as office space for On Next Sunday staff and it will be the primary location for customers to pick up their online orders.

Although the new space won’t serve as an in-person shopping store, Erika assured customers that On Next Sunday will still be able to provide them the chance to try on outfits and get styled in person but through appointments only.

This new move will also give the boutique a chance to do more pop-up events that will allow customers to shop in person.

Erika’s reason for closing her Fountains location is a reason most small business owners can agree with.

“The reason I’m closing the storefront, well there’s a lot of reasons actually, but one reason is that I have amazing girls but it’s really hard to staff seven days a week as a small business,” said Erika. “That store is just so big, it’s like a department store and I'm not a department store. I’m a small boutique and I want to go back to being a small boutique.”

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

During the Instagram live customers shared their thoughts about the new change with many saying they would miss the storefront, but Erika assured customers that although the store is moving they can still expect the same shopping experience online.

She went on to say that this move isn’t permanent and it would give her and her staff a chance to do more creative things for On Next Sunday.

“I am pretty sad about it but I think it's the best move. We’re all excited and we’ll have more room to design our own stuff like pants and we're working on a shirt right now and who knows what else we’ll come up with.”

On Next Sunday will remain open at The Fountains until Sunday, April 30th. The new warehouse is expected to open by the beginning of May.


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