Mean Girls and musical chairs – that’s what El Paso City Council has been like lately, but it looks like things are going to settle down a bit.  City Reps who asked to be moved away from City Rep Lily Limon have decided to go back to their regular chairs, and save taxpayers thousands of dollars in the process.

El Paso Times/Ruben Ramirez
El Paso Times/Ruben Ramirez

A year ago, City Rep Cortney Niland asked to switch seats with City Rep Ann Morgan Lily because she said Limon was constantly muttering things under her breath and grabbing her. The move was made, but recently, Lily also asked to be moved away from Limon because she said Limon was harassing her as well during city council meetings.

To move Lily away from Limon meant rewiring the dais for a computer and voting station for Lily would have cost taxpayers an estimated 7 thousand dollars. Limon was asked by Mayor Oscar Leeser to just move down one chair, but she refused.

Yesterday, Niland said that she met with Limon and Leeser and in order to save the money, she would move back to her seat next to Limon.  Niland said it was important to her to save taxpayers that money even though sitting next to Limon is “uncomfortable and unpleasant.”

Limon said she hopes that going back to traditional council seating “will allow us to conduct our meetings in a professional and courteous manner."

We'll see if that happens It hasn't in the past, but there's always a first time!

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