An El Paso City Rep is apologizing for his behavior after he threw a bit of a fit via email over not being invited to a grand opening ceremony at a high end steak house. City Rep. Jim Tolbert, who defeated Larry Romero, didn't take it too kindly when he found out the El Paso County Commissioners, and Mayor Oscar Leeser and his staff were invited to a pre-opening day celebrations of Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in the Fountains at Farah.

In an email, he said it was great that Leeser and his staff were elected but, "... you slapped Council in the face. As this news spreads to other City Council Representatives, it is hard to find anyone too supportive of Ruth’s Chris.”


Tolbert told the El Paso Times that writing the email was not quote “the brightest thing I’ve ever done.” He said he wouldn't do anything like that again, but did consider it a "faux-pas" to not have invited city reps to the party.

There is nothing worse than running for a political position after accusing your opponent of ethics violations only to stomp your feet about not getting a free steak dinner. Here's a few things you might want to remember now that you're a city rep, Mr. Tolbert:

1. Don't expect stuff - Whether it's a t-shirt at the ballpark or a free steak at Ruth's Chris, you shouldn't take free stuff. People expect favors in return, no matter how little they give you for free. Best to not hold your breath until you turn blue to get free stuff.

2. Be careful with email and social media - Everything you write online lives forever. You are a public figure so you should expect every word you write online to be screenshotted, archived, and lying in wait to be blogged about. Speaking of that...

3. People love to spread chisme - Politics is a dirty business, and people will always want to hang you out dry. It's not because they hate you personally, it's just that public figures make a big target. Because of that, always remember...

4. Sleep on it - It's too easy to hit send. Write what you want and save it to draft. Let it sit there for a day or two, then go back and take another look at it. Chances are you'll shake your head at how silly you sound and delete it. If not...

5. Be ready to stand by your words - You did the right thing when that email came out. You said it was not your best moment, and that was perfect. You should have stopped there, though. Saying it was a faux-pas makes you look bitter - not a good look on anyone.

Just do your job, Mr. Tolbert, and remember, it's always better to pay for your own steaks.