Sunday, July 11, is going to be a ruff night for the El Paso Chihuahuas.

That's the night Chico and the team host the next "Bark at the Park" of the 2021 season. Fans are invited to bring their four-legged friend to the ballpark that night and woof, woof, woof for the home team.

With the exception of trained service animals, dogs are not normally permitted inside the park so the two to three times during the season the team does Bark at the Park are the rare occasions one can spend the evening watching the Boys of Summer alongside our furry bestie.

Bark at the Park is part of a six game home stand against the Oklahoma City Dodgers that runs from July 8 to June 13 and includes a Fireworks Spectacular on Saturday.

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Bark at the Park Rules

• Owners must sign a waiver upon entry. Download and sign it HERE in advance
• Owners must show proof their canine friend is current on all its vaccinations
• One dog per seat holder.
• Owners will be required to always have their canine friends on a leash.
See list of all rules HERE

El Paso Chihuahuas
El Paso Chihuahuas

What to Know Before You Go

Does the dog need its own ticket? If you feel your dog will fit in the space of your seat, then you do not need to purchase an additional ticket. However, if the dog is larger, it will need its own ticket.

Where do dogs enter? All dogs MUST ENTER through the Missouri Gate entrance. You will have to sign a waiver and produce proof of up-to-date vaccinations.

Where can dogs sit? Dogs are allowed to sit in any section. However, they CANNOT be in inside hospitality areas including but not limited to: Santa Fe Pavilion, Sun Kings Saloon, Suites, WestStar Bank Club, City Hall Grill, etc.). Pets ARE NOT allowed in the lawn area and Team Shop.

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