It takes a lot of energy to be Justin Bieber. There's the endless flat-ironing of the hair, the running from screaming pre-pubescent girls and their post-menopausal moms, and fighting off guys who want to steal your uber-hawt girlfriend. All that works takes fuel in the form of good food, and luckily for The Biebs, El Paso chef Sara Horowitz is coming to his rescue.


Sara was on the second season of Gordon Ramsay's "Hell's Kitchen" in 2006 and also participated in the Food Network's "Best in Smoke" competition in 2010.  She graduated from Loretto Academy and the Culinary Institute of America, and all that work and experience has led her directly to Justin Bieber's door.

But first, she's going to travel with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's chefs during their November tour.

Sara tells the El Paso Times that she heads out with TSO on Tuesday, and sees it as a warm-up for her time with The Biebs.

She also admits that she doesn't know a lot about Justin, but, "I am doing a lot of research. It is going to be a blast."