What began as a routine car repossession quickly escalated into a desperate attempt by the debtor to not lose his sweet ride.

A 68-second clip of an "El Paso repo gone bad" is getting a lot of views on Youtube because of the insane, extreme action the guy took to avoid getting his whip towed away.

The undated cell phone video presumably shot by a bystander shows a late model Nissan hooked up to a tow truck in the parking lot of Fat Bun on Yarbrough.

According to the video description, the tow truck driver was attempting to repossess the vehicle, but whoever was in the car wasn’t about to let the finance company take his mode of transportation -- lack of payments be damned.

After a couple of burnouts and fruitless attempts, he (or she) manages to somehow rip the car off of the back of the tow truck and speed away.

Check video of the chaos below.

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