The terrorist attack that took so many lives on Saturday, August 3 has left the El Paso community reeling. There are so many families who are trying to heal from their wounds that they suffered at the Cielo Vista Walmart, and there are 22 families who are facing the terrible prospect of burying their loved ones.

There are various El Paso venues and businesses that have stepped forward to help those grieving families. We've put together a list of the businesses that are offering services to the families. Families can contact them to get information about the services being offered.

In the coming weeks and months, even years, there will be a lot of healing that will need to be done. We can't do this alone. If you need mental health services, there are a number of places that are offering services. There are also phone numbers for mental health services that can be contacted 24/7. You can get a list of those services by clicking here.

Sunset Funeral Homes - (915) 594-4424
Martin Funeral Homes East and West - (915) 855-8881
Del Angel Funeral Homes Northeast and Central - (915) 566-3955
San Jose Funeral Homes - (915) 590-8700
Hillcrest Funeral Home - (915) 598-3332
Crestview Funeral Home - (915) 856-1400
Mt. Carmel Funeral Home - (915) 856-1400
Perches Funeral Homes - (915) 849-8185

Donating flowers for the funerals of shooting victims. Call (915) 228-9141 for information.

Can provide food/catering for free for victim’s families after the funerals. Call (915) 857-1396 for more information.

Eden will donate their venue to families for wakes after funeral services. Call (915) 255-2856 for more information.

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