If you have been itching to get out and about ever since the whole world shut down three months ago, you're apparently not alone if you take a look at El Paso social media sites. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat - they've all been full of videos of people at bars, outside of bars in parking lots, and people driving by bars to show how packed their parking lots are with cars. And if you think no one is taking notice, you would be wrong.

Over the weekend a couple of very popular bars were handed 30-day suspensions of their liquor licenses because they haven't been following social distancing rules and occupancy rules. When the governor of Texas announced that bars could reopen, he said it would have to be done on a limited basis with social distancing and capacity restrictions. People are also not allowed to wander around inside a bar. Instead, they would have to get a drink and then sit down. Coconuts on Piedras Street in the Five Points area got closed down on Sunday by the Texas Alcoholic Beverages Commission after not complying with COVID-19 protocols. Werk Bar on Zaragoza Road near Pellicano in east El Paso got closed down on Friday for the same reason.

The liquor licenses for both bars are suspended for 30 days. If after they reopen they are found to be not complying with COVID-19 protocols again, their licenses will be suspended for 60 days. TABC agents are going to be checking out other bars in the area to make sure they are in compliance.

I can't imagine after being closed down because of the coronavirus pandemic for months reopening my establishment and not following the rules knowing there's a chance I could be potentially closed down for months again for not following the rules. What happens if we have to do another stay-at-home order for months again because of a second wave of COVID-19? It just doesn't make any sense. Hopefully, people will be a little smarter about protecting themselves and their loved ones. No night out is worth COVID-19.

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