El Paso doesn't get rain very often but when we do we get weeks like this one. Tons of rain all at once causes flooding and standing water that takes forever to evaporate especially in public areas like parks. In east-central El Paso at Album Park a lake forms every time we get a rainstorm and for some reason people love to play in that nasty water. I say nasty because people walk their dogs there and those dogs pee and poop on every blade of grass in the park. There are also a lot of stray cats and birds that use that park as one big restroom. And then you add water to the mix and you want to play in it?

The Album Park lake isn't the only place that people play in standing water. Kids will play in just about any body of standing water. They love to splash around in water in the streets and that water is just as dirty. There is all kinds of oil and car fluids on the roadway and that gunk is in the water that your kiddos are jumping in. I know, I know, we did the same thing, but really, do you want your kids playing in that nastiness? I know water in the desert is hard to resist but really, don't let your kids play in it. Just look at it. Here, I found a video of Lake Album Park for you to look at, but stay out of it.

City officials took to Twitter yesterday to remind you why it is a bad idea to let your monsters splash around in the leftover rainwater. They reminded you of the feces, debris, and waste that could be in the water. Yuck, those three words alone would make me stay away.

If you have standing water in your yards, you should get rid of that too, not just because it could potentially have gross stuff in it but because it is the perfect mosquito breeding ground. You can check out how to prevent mosquitoes in your yard and garden and also what to do if you should get bitten by clicking here.

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