Everyone’s favorite Mexican soda, Jarritos, is hoping to spread the love to artists and creatives whose work impacts communities across the nation by awarding five artists with a $10,000 grant and an El Paso artist duo is in the running for the grant.

El Paso artist duo, Los Dos, is made up of husband-and-wife duo Ramon and Cristian Pardo Cardenas. The married couple has been creating art in the El Paso and Juarez area for a decade now.


Their art ranges from creating posters, stickers, sculptures, painting and murals that represent the culture of El Paso and Juarez.

“As a filipino American and a Mexican living in the border, our work is inspired by our culture, our identity, and most importantly by our environment and surroundings,” said Ramon.

The duo’s work addresses important issues within our border community. Most recently their work was featured at the Coachella Music Festival.

The duo created a 30-foot-tall mixed media sculpture which was called, “La Guardiana.”

The duo is hoping to continue their work with the help of the JarriTODOS Artist grant.

“This Jarritos grant will enable us to push our work forward to help us create more murals that celebrate the people of the border and to continue making art that’s accessible to all,” said Cristian Cardenas.


Helping the artist duo get closer to this grant is simple!

Artists will be selected across five categories: music, dance, visual art, fashion, and food to submit a 2:30-3:00 minute video showcasing their art and why they deserve to be selected for the grant and people are asked to vote for their favorite video/artist by clicking here.

The deadline for round one is Saturday, August 20th.

Semi-finalists will be shared on the Jarritos website and via social media to encourage our fans to vote for their favorite artists in each category.  The top 10 votes submissions, per category, will move forward to judge finalist selection.

The voting phase for the final selection will take place between August 23rd - September 2, 2022 and winners will be announced on September 9, 2022.

 So, there’s still time to vote! Click Here to watch the duo’s video. Click on the “heart” button and enter your email address when the prompt asks you to.

You’ll then verify your email, and will be redirected back to the video so you can “heart” the video to officially cast your vote!

El Paso is full of beautiful artwork and it would be great to see more work from Los Dos.




“You Belong” Mural

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