The Cat Cafe is a reality!

Tuesday morning on Mike and Tricia Mornings we told you about the possibility that the El Paso Zoo would team up with the El Paso Animal Services shelter to open up a first of it's kind cat cafe in a zoo. After meeting with City officials, the decision was made to go ahead with the project.

Last year, 315,000 people visited the El Paso Zoo and I'll be that number will grow when the Cat Cafe gets up and running. You will be able to to into the Cafe and play with the cats from the Animal Services Shelter in a lounge-like atmosphere. You can see how they are with people and other cats and if you like one, you can adopt it from the Cat Cafe.

Catz at the Zoo will help the Animal Services Shelter get cats in front of people who might want to adopt them, but might not otherwise go to the Shelter. Shelter officials say that cats are not adopted as often as you might think, so they're hoping the Cat Cafe will help increase the number of adopted cats because that will reduce the number of cats that have to be put down.

The Cat Cafe will be built because of a half a million dollars from the Petco Foundation. City officials say the Cat Cafe is a unique way "to showcase the great kittens and cats at the shelter... because we know people going to the zoo already love animals so being able to find their forever kitten or cat is just a great way to end a zoo trip."

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