El Paso is going places! Remember when this city was a small, dusty town? No more (OK OK we still get dust storms). El Paso is growing and growing fast. A personal-finance website called Wallethub just ranked El Paso the 18th best place to visit this summer. It's true!

Wallethub compared 100 metro areas across 40 key indicators of budget and fun-friendliness. They looked at such things as cost of the cheapest flight to number of attractions to average price of a two-person meal. Here is what they found out:

The average flight costs $294.07
The most attractive destination was Las Vegas on the West Coast and Washington DC is the East Coast.
Texas has 5 of the top 20 destinations in the U.S.

While El Paso ranks 3rd in "local costs", It also ranked 74th in attractions. Which brings me to a previous article I wrote. El Paso needs a Six Flags. If only Six Flags would return my emails. The crazy aspect of this survey is they didn't consider the thousands of Mexican tourist to visit El Paso from Northern Mexico every year. El Paso is an up and coming city with great weather and even better people. Now, if I can only get a hold of Six Flags.

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