If happiness is a pillowcase full of candy then get ready to help your dentist buy a vacation home in Ruidoso, because Halloween is going to be pure ecstasy.

According to the financial website SmartAsset, El Paso is the fifth Best Place to Trick-or-Treat In this year.

The study looked at the 258 largest cities in the U.S. and based it rankings on seven factors that included home prices, number of residents under the age of 15, crime statistics, and weather.

El Paso is the second-most affordable place to trick-or-treat in our top 10. The median home is worth only $125,000. The Texas city also ranks well in crime. The property crime rate in El Paso is especially low.”

The only issue they had was with our weather. The numbers cruncher felt our mild fall temperatures, which they say averages “around 69 degrees,” were too hot for “costumes heavy on clothes.” Oh those silly Easterners and their real winters. Upper 60's is perfect weather for candy begging.


If you do plan to take the kids on a search for their next sugar high, here’s a tip from your Uncle Mikey: find an old neighborhood with lots of empty-nesters.

A recent survey found that the best houses to hit on Halloween belong to people between 50 and 68 years old. That age group is most likely to hand out candy, stock the best candy, and is least likely to run out of candy. Plus, they're most likely to be home on Halloween since they don't have young kids to take trick-or-treating and most likely don't have a Halloween rager to go to.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have bags of mini Reese's Cups and Kit Kat bars to buy -- and I don't mean so that I can hand them out on Halloween.

Don't judge.

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