Good news carnival midway fans. The sights and sounds of a good old-fashioned spring fair are coming to Ascarate Park next week.

The inaugural El Chuco Fair -- dubbed so as a nod to one of our city's more popular nicknames -- will be taking up residence at the county-owned park for 10 days of state fair-quality carnival rides beginning Thursday, April 11.

From the 11th through Sunday, April 21, fair-goers can ride a variety of thrill and kiddie rides, eat funnel cakes and candy apples and other types of tasty treats, and spend time checking out a petting zoo, pig races, and a 'Banana Derby'. What's a banana derby, you ask?

A Banana Derby is Capuchin monkeys dressed up like a horse jockey riding a dog around a small track. That alone is worth the price of admission, amirite?

Other attractions will include the All Things Wild Tiger Exhibition, and the Fearless Flores Family Thrill show. More info, ride armband prices, and admission specials can be found on the El Chuco Fair website.

El Chuco Fair is being put on by the same entertainment group that is producing the El Paso Spring Fair at the Student Activities Center April 25 through May 1.

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