Ed Sheeran is a busy man! He’s featured on Taylor Swift’s new record and he’s surprisingly a featured artist on Eminem’s new record as well! Aside from assisting his buddies his own songs are impacting the Billboard charts pretty intensely! Shape of You and Perfect are both top 10 songs that he can add to his list of accolades and lucky for Sheeran, Perfect is currently the #1 song in America. Ed tapped Beyonce for a second version of Perfect but that wasn’t enough for what is going to be the biggest wedding song of 2018; Sheeran introduces Perfect Symphony to his audience featuring Andrea Bocelli where both artists can be heard singing in Italian right after Ed slays the first verse as we have originally been hearing it. Honestly, I think it's an unlikely couple of friends but the  remixed version of the song is for lack of a better word; Perfect.


Check out the music video for Ed Sheeran featuring Andrea Bocelli Perfect Symphony Below:

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