If you're an eastsider, you know that one of the coolest places to hang out is in a restaurant that is made up of railroad cars that have been connected together. However, Track One is famous for more than it's cozy atmosphere - they're famous for their completely addictive double-dipped wings.

In case you don't know this, Track One is located at 1330 Robert E. Lee Road which runs parallel to Airway. It's tucked behind a strip center and if your drove by it without knowing what it was, it might not catch your eye. But for El Pasoans in the know, it is a super cool, super chill restaurant where you can get a fabulous burger, a great drink or cold beer, and wings that will make all other wings pale in comparison.

It's not just that they have amazing flavors, it's that they are so old-school. They are double-dipped and crispy, served with "real" ranch dressing and celery sticks, and the perfect accompaniment to their fabulous drinks. The other thing that makes Track One so unique is the row of rail cars that make up the interior.

You can sit in booths or at the bar, there are old wood floors and an old wood bar, tons of memorabilia line the walls and they have a great jukebox that really pulls the whole thing together.

That's all the good news - the bad news is, they're closing for two weeks. From September 16 and to October 1, they will be doing upgrades to the 50 year-old restaurant. For those of us who love Track One, this is going to be the longest two weeks of the year.

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