I don't know how we manage to accumulate so much stuff in our houses. I know that there are some trash days at my house that I can't manage to get everything into my grey and blue bins and then things pile up in my garage. If you're having the same problem here is a way to take care of all that stuff you need to get rid of.

The El Paso County Public Works is going to hold two free community clean up events on Saturday, June 12 from 8:00 a.m. to noon. If they fill their capacity before noon they will close the events, however, so it's best to get there as early as you can to make sure you don't have to take your trash back home again.


The locations you can drop your trash off are:
Fabens: 199 Citizen Transfer Station Road in Fabens
Westway: 1002 Tiffany Road in Canutillo

So what can you drop off? You can take tires off of passenger vehicles, bulk trash, and electronic waste which should be discarded of carefully. The County Public Works can handle that and it means it won't end up polluting the environment.

Only 5 tires per household, 17 inches or smaller will be accepted. Tires from retailers, semi-truck or equipment tires, and tires with rims will not be accepted. Only one pick-up truck load per household of bulk trash will be accepted. You can bring furniture, chairs, and carpet.

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Computers and computer accessories, tablets, scanners, video games, cameras, radios, cellphones, VCRs and DVD players will all be accepted but you cannot bring CRT monitors or televisions. If you are not sure about a particular item you can call the El Paso County Public Works office at (915) 546-2015.

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