If you're all for spending time surrounded by nature to clear your head, get ready for a new zen spot. Before I have mentioned some serene spots in Texas someone can find peace.

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Now some days can feel so stressful you're practically bullied into a last-minute road trip. Hey, we have all had those days and it sure does the trick.

But usually, we're hesitant about where to go that isn't too far and not close either. If you would prefer to flee Texas into New Mexico, you're in luck.

There is a spot in New Mexico where people looking for peace would flock over more often. A beautiful blue hole is not that far from El Paso.

A serene spot you can gain your thoughts or just go to see with a friend is road-trip-worthy. The beautiful blue hole is located in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.

Can you just imagine how it looks in person when the YouTube videos are beyond captivating? This is a place El Pasoans would appreciate and visit for the view. Plus, some locals consider swimming and splashing around to be a fun therapy session to drown your sorrows.


I mean John Cline's YouTube video (above) of the beautiful blue hole certainly grabbed my attention. Hell, the pictures even have me considering a quick road trip out of El Paso with my kids.

St. Rosa should be on your bucket list especially if you crave adventure out in nature. The physical appearance of the majestic spot certainly lives up to its name, the blue hole.

Last time I checked, tons of locals enjoy visiting places that consist of getting wet. We certainly can't forget the time a lot of people escaped El Paso to the Salt Flats last yearst. But this is another cool spot to unwind and escape El Paso for just a day should you need to.

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