I just took over ownership of my in-laws' puppy. Her name is Indy and she already knows that name, so I can not change it.

This is the first time I will be owning a dog. As you may know, I am a cat lady. I have always taken care of cats since I was in elementary school.

As for dogs, I have always had German Shepards in my backyard, but they were handled by my father.

Now as a first-time homeowner, I decided our backyard needed a dog.

At first, I was worried because of my cats but I couldn't resist giving Indy a chance at a life off a chain.

She is already spoiled with tons of toys, a new house, a dog cot, peanut butter cookies, and a new harness but she doesn't appreciate being watched.

For the longest time, I had a skeleton in my backyard, just sitting in a chair. My husband placed a camera on that same chair to monitor any movement in the backyard.

As with most puppies, Indy is curious and wants to chew on everything. So Indy started chewing on my skeleton.

When we are not home, I bring in my skeleton, so she doesn't chew on it. Now that the skeleton is away from guarding the camera, Indy finally noticed it.

We caught her journey to chew on the camera and couldn't help but laugh. We know she has a lot of training to do so this video is a reminder to start teaching her what not to chew on. Including my poor skeleton.

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