Amazon's Alexa pretty much knows everything but does she know the Easter Bunny? My guess is she is pretty much everywhere, she has got to have some intel on where the bunny lives. She is pretty much the FBI of the millennial.

As a millennial, I must rely on technology to get me through the day. I start shaking if I don't check my phone every thirty seconds, so I was hoping Alexa could finally answer one of the many questions I have about Easter. The Easter Bunny may by a mythical creature, but so is the internet.

Unfortunately, Alexa crushed my dream of finally knowing something on the Easter Bunny so I could use that to blackmail him for more candy. I also would like to know if the Easter Bunny has a gender, but that is for another time. You can hear for yourself that Alexa may not know the Easter Bunny but she does plan to speak to another fluffy tailed creature to get that important info.

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