Summer in El Paso is fantastic. Low humidity most of the time, you can stay cool in the shade, and you can cool off with a trip to the splash pads around town. Our great summer weather can turn deadly when triple digits hit, so here are the some of the symptoms you need to watch out for if you suspect a heat-related illness. There is a complete list of symptoms you can look at by clicking here:

1. Heat stroke - Look for high body temperature, 103°F or higher, hot, red, dry, or damp skin, and dizziness.
2. Heat exhaustion - Keep an eye out for heavy sweating, nausea or vomiting, and fainting.
3. Heat cramps - Try not to exercise during the heat of the day. If you do and begin experiencing heavier than normal sweating, muscle pain or spasms, you need to find shade and get hydrated. Make sure you have your phone on you so you can call for help. But mostly, don't workout in the heat of the day.
4. Heat rash - Little kids usually get these little red clusters of small blisters that look
like little pimples. They usually cluster on the neck, chest, groin, or elbow creases. They just itchy and bothersome but not dangerous.

If you suspect someone has heat stroke you need to call 9-1-1 immediately. I know it seems like if you just get someone into a cool room and hydrate them everything will be alright, but heat stroke is a medical emergency and needs to be treated as such. Make sure the person is in a cooler room, put cool cloths on them and do not give the person anything to drink while you wait for medical help.

No matter what, get medical help right away if you are throwing up, your symptoms get worse or last longer than 1 hour, and definitely make sure to check out the link above for more information about heat related illnesses.

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