It's Ghostober here at KISS FM and Halloweek on Mike and Tricia Mornings. You know we live for this time of year when the veil between the living and the dead gets thinner and thinner until it's almost not there at Halloween.

Ever since we started talking about ghosteses on the show, we have used the words "spirit" and "ghost" pretty interchangeably, but it got us to wondering, what is the difference between ghosts and spirits? I figured that the difference between ghosts and spirits is that ghosts are people who died and spirits are entities that were never alive, kind of like angels.

I always thought that the reason you see ghosts is because they were once people and they still exist on this plane of consciousness until, for whatever reason, they move on and no longer walk amongst the living. Spirits, on the other hand, I believed were things that didn't have a body at any time and that's why you only feel them but don't see them. They are more like energy and presences.

Turns out both of my theories are wrong. I did a little research and found out what the difference is:

1. Ghosts - Ghosts, according to a professor of Parapsychology, are "similar to psychotic people" and can't really let go of a place they died because it was most likely tragic or sudden. They probably don't know they're dead and you'll find things moved and missing because they might be mad at their situation or might even become dark energy.

2. Spirits - If someone dies in a peaceful, normal way, their energy is often left behind in the form of their love for us and their wanting to watch over us. That's why you might feel them when you need them or when you are thinking about a good memory of them.

Whether ghost or spirit, we love to hear about them and talk about them here at Mike and Tricia Mornings.

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