In 2012, voters overwhelmingly voted in a massive Quality of Life bond election. The ballpark fiancing, a downtown arena, a children's museum, and a cultural center. But do we really need a Mexican American Cultural Center? Here are 3 reasons why I would rather the center just be called the El Paso Cultural Center:

1. The entire city is a Mexican American Cultural Center - With a city that is over 80% Hispanic, it's tough to go anywhere in the city that doesn't have a Hispanic influence. The food, the music, the architecture, the entire vibe of El Paso is Hispanic. That is one of the cool things about El Paso, but...

2. Hispanics aren't the only group in town - Lebanese, Syrian, African American, Chinese, Jewish, Muslim, military. All these groups have left, and continue to leave their mark on El Paso. So many of us are a combination of some of these groups, so to only single out one is kind of exclusionary. If we celebrated and included all the diverse groups that have made El Paso what it is, wouldn't that be something? El Paso is a true melting pot, with each group living side-by-side. Isn't that the El Paso we want the rest of the world to discover?

3. The downtown library is a treasure trove we should mine - There are a couple of groups who are not happy with using the downtown library as the site for the cultural center, but if you've been there, you have probably seen the veritable ocean of material about all aspects of El Paso and it's people. It is a building that has been maintained and is ready to be used as a cultural center. There are already exhibits and putting the cultural center in the downtown library would just help strengthen the arts and entertainment vibe the City is trying to build.

I know this is another divisive issue, but hopefully we can come to a consensus and get the cultural center that all El Pasoans can be proud of.

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