Growing up, those parental units would say take off those dirty sock before you go to bed cause that's gonna get the bed dirty, well that's what I would hear my aunt Nela tell my cousins before going mimis!

So whether it was or wasn't a good I idea to put on socks before beddy-bye there is tons of research out there that if you have issues heading into dreamland, it may just help to get those tootsies WARMED UP!

Science Us gathers the good and bads for FEET!

Now, if your just not satisfied with the info and wanna try warm up those toesies well how 'bout trying this:

  • Thermal slippers...they are kinda life slippers, but closer to hospital socks
  • Cashmere socks, furry and fluffy...(I'm gonna just use my cats Jing Jang and Mama Tay Tay)
  • Throw an extra layer of blankets on top of your comforter, over the bottom of the bedspread, where your feet are

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