The Incredibles 2 has been out for over a week now, but there are some people who are having a little bit of trouble with parts of the movie and it prompted Disney to issue a warning to everyone who is going to see their summer blockbuster.

There are part of the movie that have flashing lights that could cause seizures or even migraines. A number of people who saw the movie on the first weekend of its release posted on social media that they had had trouble with those lights, so Disney issued a seizure warning to all theaters that are showing the movie. Signs like the one above have been spotted all over the country.

To avoid having a seizure or migraine while watching movies like the Incredibles 2, experts say you can watch the movie with the lights on - not a solution in a regular movie theater - or sitting far back in the theater.

I suffer from migraines and movies like this often wreak havoc with my eyes, so I often have to shield my eyes and miss a scene. It's a pain in the neck, but certainly better than getting a migraine triggered. If you have the same difficulties, watch The Incredibles 2 with the knowledge that you might have problems.

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