LILO A NO GO ON LATE SHOW: LINDSAY LOHAN reading a Top 10 list on The Late Show With David Letterman sounded too good to be true -- and it was. 

A day after announcing that LiLo would appear on tonight's episode, Letterman's production company issued a retraction, saying it and Linds had been scammed.

The statement reads, "Someone purporting to be a friend of Lindsay's reached out to the show, allegedly on her behalf, and booked her to appear. Clearly, this person was not authorized to make commitments on her behalf."

(-- Earlier, Lindsay had Tweeted, quote, "I am NOT going to be doing David Letterman, I'm not sure how this happened, but I am sorry for the confusion"

Lindsay's dad claims HE'S the one who set the whole thing up, and despite Lindsay Tweeting about her lack of knowledge of the situation, Michael claims Lindsay was on board with the idea before her people shut it down. Quote, "Anything positive that I bring into her life they try to nix it.")

Last night, Dave also offered this somewhat sarcastic apology during his show ...

SNAPSHOT: A newly blonde BEYONCE on a Hollywood shopping spree yesterday ...

There was some unconfirmed gossip we reported yesterday that claimed Beyonce and Jay-Z were on a break, a "trial seperation" the not-always-reliable gossip site claimed.

Do you think B going blonde is a coincidence or a sign of problems in the marriage? I ask because I've always heard women do drastic things to their hair when a relationship goes south.

DID GAGA LIE ABOUT MADONNA BEING COOL WITH HER???: LADY GAGA told JAY LENO earlier this week that she'd received Madonna's blessing for "Born This Way," which many think sounds waaay too similar to "Express Yourself."

She said she'd recieve an e-mail from "[Madonna's] people and her" but yesterday, Madonna's rep told CNN she was not aware of any email. To be fair, that doesn't mean it didn't happen, only that it wasn't sent through the rep. Although, Lady Gaga did say she also heard from "Madonna's people."
So ... yeah. That's all. Please continue with your day.

BABY NEWS: 1.) JESSIC ALBA is expecting a baby, according to a report published by...Jessica Alba!

She divulged on her Facebook page yesterday morning that she and hubby Cash Warren are expecting their second child. Jessica wrote, "I thought I'd drop by to let you all in on some exciting news. Honor is going to be a big sister! Cash and I are thrilled and wanted to share the news directly with you so you didn't hear about it somewhere else."

2.) Citing a source close to the couple, Life and Style magazine says NATALIE PORTMAN is expecting a boy. Her bundle of joy is due in early spring.

3.) CELINE DION, husband Rene, and 4 month old twins Eddy and Nelson were photographed outside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas yesterday ...

Celine will begin rehearsals for her show there set to begin March 15. It's also been announced she'll be performing during the In Memorium portion of next Sunday night's Oscar Awards.

4.)  MARIAH CAREY didn't let something like carrying twins keep her from hawking her wares on the Home Shopping Network yesterday. But because she's prohibited from traveling, she had them come to her home instead ...

5.) Matthew McConaughey's baby mamma and daughter Vida seen out in Malibu yesterday. They were on their way to pick up big brother Levi from pre-school ...

BIEBER SPEAKS OUT ON OUR HEALTHCARE SYSTEM: JUSTIN BIEBER is interviewed in the latest issue of Rolling Stone and takes the opportunity to blast the US healthcare system.

 He says our system is evil because people have to pay for their treatment, while treatment is his home country of Canada is not only free, but the best healthcare system in the world. That’s right America, we’re being shamed by a 17-year old Canadian with stupid hair.

He adds his bodyguard’s wife gave birth to a premature baby and now the bodyguard is going broke trying to pay the hospital bill. Yeah. Too bad that bodyguard isn’t close to somebody making millions and millions of dollars, who could - Oh, I don’t know - help him out. Huh, Biebs?

SHOW BIZ QUICKIES: 1.) PARIS HILTON got a mighty sweet 30th birthday present from her boyfriend Cy Waits -- a brand-new $375,000 Lexus LFA that can hit 200 miles per hour!

2.) The New York Post reports talk-show hostess WENDY WILLIAMS will be one of the participants on the next season of Dancing With the Stars.